Common Questions

On this page you will find the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our products and services. If you have a question about Inmate Call Solutions or its services please take the time to review the information below. .

Do I still need to have an account the jail's call provider if I use your service?
YES. The reason is simple: They own the phones and the rights to EVERY call that is made from the inmate. It is simply not possible to avoid using them. However, with our service the price you pay per call is reduced drastically. Typically 80% less.
When I called the jail they said they did not use "INMATE CALL SOLUTIONS".... Why is that?
How does Inmate Call Solutions (ICS) save me money?
Why do I need a local phone number from the prison?
What do you mean by "Unlimited Minutes"?
Can I use an ICS Local Line with my current Home/Cell/Work phone?
Does ICS work with "Pre-Paid Collect" accounts at county jails and state prisons?
Does your service provide the actual phone calls from County/State jails?
Is the ICS service allowed to be used at a Federal prison?
How many minutes are included per month?
So if my inmate uses your number, it will not violate prison rules or policies?
Why does Inmate Call Solutions need to verify the forwarding number?
How does Inmate Call Solutions verify the forwarding number?
What if my Home/Work/Cell number changes?
What if my inmate is transferred to another facility? Can I keep my current phone number?
What about the privacy of my information?

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