How It Works:

It's as easy as 1-2-3...



We will give you a new phone number which is LOCAL to your inmate's facility.

(We will then route your inmate's calls made to this number, to the existing number you provide to us.)


Give this number to the prison phone provider as your number on which to receive your inmate's calls.


Relay the number to your inmate.

When they call, our service will ring your EXISTING home or cell phone as usual.


That's it! Once completed, this easy process will enable you to begin your savings of up to 80% on each inmate call you receive.


Step 1. We will help you find the correct phone number:

  • Make sure you have the name of the correctional facility where your loved one is located.
  • We will issue a new phone number that will ensure the lowest telephone rate.
  • This is your new telephone number and the one your loved one will use to call you.

Step 2. Make sure the prison phone provider has your Inmate Call Solutions number.

  • Remember each state, county or local jail facility is different and may require a specific set up process.
Prepaid Account

If your loved one's facility requires you to open a prepaid account, it's very easy to do. Just contact the facility's phone provider to add funds and give them your new Inmate Call Solutions number. That's it.

Some facilities offer calling cards or commissary accounts. Simply add funds to your inmate's commissary account or purchase a calling card and then you can begin receiving calls.

Step 3. Give your loved one your new Inmate Call Solutions number, answer your inmate calls as usual. 

Remember, we don't have contact with the inmate or the facility's phone provider so please make sure you give the inmate your new phone number.
Accept Credit Card Payments